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16-02-2014 00:33


Starts or resumes, that is the question!

While writing this message reminded that in the 90s the singer Ivan Lins released a song entitled "New start". This song, which was telenovela track, evokes a theme that recurs in every moment of our lives - The beginning.

In the daily challenges, start or restart is a reality that challenges us to walk and keep walking.

Given the stresses of the day-to-day and in a context of struggle, our greatest enemy is often entrenched in ourselves, fighting with the same weapons known to us.

In these times of stress is necessary to look into yourself and be aware that something needs to be overcome to stay alive and walking.

Perhaps the quest for liberation from everything that makes us sick, the resumption comes as an escape while opening new horizons.

These are moments of existential awareness that regardless where we are, we give a chance to ourselves.

Maybe even some say that this is just an act of looking at life, renewing hope to return to believe in ourselves.

The truth is that sometimes the walk in tires and even tries to stop us; suffer, but we also learn, we cry, but also mature. That's life; an eternal again.

A text you would like to share, that brings us profound lessons about resumption, in the Book of Nehemiah, "I went out by night by the valley gate, even before the dragon and to the dung port, and viewed the walls of Jerusalem, which were broken down, and its gates, which had been burned by fire. "(Nehemiah 2:13)

          In the first chapter of the Book of Nehemiah, we see the story of when Nehemiah, a mere butler to the King of Persia, received the news that Jerusalem is destroyed, the walls were torn down, the gates are burned and there was great misery. At this news, Nehemiah wept and mourned for days and fasted and prayed to God.

Jerusalem was the religious center and worship of the Jews and represented in a way the identity of the people.

             Who would not cry in front of such desolation; Nehemiah a prayer man sought God in the solution.

Usually in situations like where is the need to get something done, also arises the question: how to rebuild or start as everything seems destroyed?

If we reflect we will see that the anguish of Nehemiah in a way is also ours, and also the question is still valid, perhaps done otherwise, "what needs to be rebuilt in our lives"

The answers will be very personal; the resumption may be at the wedding; to regain the trust of someone (spouse, children, parents, friends); in finance; professional career; self-esteem; in love; hoping or many other possible beginnings.

It is true that face the realities of living is not easy, is like changing a car wheel in motion; there is no stopping.

Face reality emerges as the first step to be taken to the start; is this confrontation that will give us the perfect dimension of what is in our power to perform and what God will do.

So do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today, what is in their power to be done, even if the resulted is not guaranteed.

Pray and surrendered to God by believing in His providence, God will act in time.

Get up, shake the dust; Jesus will give a fresh start to your life.


Rubens Terra